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Sri lanka - Holistic wellness & adventure retreat

24 november - 1 december 2018

Find yourself exploring Southern Sri Lanka and Safari with a small group 10 like minded souls. A perfect combination of Movement and Stillness as you learn, discover & surpass the limits of your physical body & in your meditation practice. Be guided through fitness, yoga, restorative yoga, meditation and pranayama practises for the 7 days.

indonesia - bali retreat

12-19 september 2019

Bali is an incredible country, full of culture and a vibrant beauty. Let me show you around one of if not my favourite homes away from home and enjoy the many benefits of my knowledge of health and fitness from body awareness to organic nutrition taking artisan herbal tonics. An annual retreat, if you miss out this year there is always one next!!

EUROPE - IBIZA retreat

Coming soon

Not just a party island, but one of beautiful surroundings. Join us, and immerse yourself into a week of wellness through body awareness, mindfulness and organic nutrition all on this beautiful island of adventure and serenity.

Rest & Relax

With Luxury accomodation provided, your mind is going to be even quieter with a great nights sleep and the most serene surroundings to relax in. Everything needed to get out of the mind & into the body.


Explore Nature

The retreats are all about getting away to be closer with nature. The Included Body awareness sessions, yoga, mindfulness and meditation are outdoors and incorporate daily excursions including hikes and beaches.. Though the retreat is full of adventure some of the excursions are optional allowing time for yourself. 


Organic Cuisine

Organic cooking classes as well as nutrition and herbal wisdom workshops will leave you with a new perspective on what you put inside your body, and in return what is fuelling your mind. Using locally sourced organic ingredients, to support local farmers and small businesses to ensure we are nourishing our bodies in the best possible way.


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