Find yourself exploring Southern Sri Lanka and Safari with a small group of 10 like minded souls. A perfect combination of Movement and Stillness as you learn, discover & surpass the limits of your physical body & in your meditation practice. Be guided through fitness, yoga, restorative yoga, meditation and pranayama practises for the 7 days.

The retreat starts with an opening ceremony at 6pm on Saturday the 24th when you'll be meeting each other, myself and Alonso! Spending the first 5 nights in a beautiful villa near the city of Galle and the following 2 nights will be spent at the Chalet near Yala National Park, right on the beach!!!

NOTE: The retreat includes an 8th night accommodation and the activities finish on Saturday the 1st of December with a closing ceremony at 4pm.

Your retreat will be filled with mindful activities!

Daily Practices:

☯️ movement & mobility of varying intensities awakening the body and senses, boosting circulation, as well as strengthening the body with a focus on the core, co-ordination & stability.

☯️ yang morning yoga practice taken by Alonso to awaken the body & energy centres.  

☯️ yin yoga practice or mindful movement, with the sound of the ocean, to begin to slow down as the sun sets in the background readying the body for the calm of night.

☯️ meditation & pranayama; whether you're a beginner or you've developed a strong inner & outer connection we are both taking classes to help you build a better relationship with yourself, the earth & everyone around you.

A meditation technique I will teach is a healing Qi meditation. By the end of the week you'll be able to take this practice home to develop & master 💫

Throughout the week we'll be practicing mindfulness and engaging in some simple practises to help quieten the busy mind helping bring you back to the present moment.

I will take a yoga massage workshop to teach some basic techniques as well as key points to help with some common aches & pains which you'll greatly benefit from & be able to use on your friends and family!

If you touch one thing with deep awareness you touch everything
— Thich Nhat Hanh


You will spend two of the nights near the Safari on the beach! A magical sky, crisp, clean air & the beach deserted except for us, and possibly animals. We will have a Guided Safari Tour of the Yala National Park where you will see leopards, elephants, deer as well as other wildlife!


All inclusive, breakfast, lunch & dinner for your entire stay beginning with dinner on the 24th of November to either dinner on the 1st of December or breakfast on the 2nd. Prices do not include flights.

  • 📣 Early bird US$1567 - Twin Share

    This includes a Double or Twin room the villa and the Chalet.

  • 📣 Early bird US$1456 - Twin Share 5 nights & Dorm 3 nights

    Twin Share room in Villa for 5 nights and Dorm share in beach Chalet for the last 3 nights


A 50% deposit can be made at the time of booking. You can make a Direct bank transfer by requesting my bank account details or use Transfer Wise which has the best rates and the transfer fee will be waived if you use this link All you need is an email address and my email address! It’s simple and very secure. Check out their reviews in the app store.


5 nights accomodation will be near the city of Galle in South Western Province so if you are a surfer bring your board! The other 2 nights will be near Yala National Park in the South about 3 hours from each other.

See the park here:


What you can expect! Lot’s of fresh fresh nutritious food !

Most of the food will be Sri Lankan inspired & organic. There are options for vegan & vegetarian requirements..

Easily done / Inform me at time of booking! There will be no red meat on this retreat!

Transport & Transfers

To get to the retreat on the first day please notify me of your ETA at Bandaranaike Int. Airport on Saturday 24/11. Otherwise if you're already in Sri Lanka and staying in Colombo or Galle you will be collected from a pick up point. Please contact me so we can arrange your collection!

We will be moving from the first accommodation to the next with driver and car so please inform me if you have a Surf Board!