Out of the mind, into the body

A collective of people who may not be like minded but have the same hopes and dreams, that is to be more connected to themselves. Knowing that the relationship we have with others is a reflection of the one we have with ourself




Working with body, mind and spirit to ultimately achieve complete harmony and balance using any one or a combination of modalities and different approaches without too much rigidity or structure. 

  • Finding mental clarity and focus through silencing the chatter of an overactive mind.

  • Improving mobility by creating space through movement and effective stretching techniques.

  • Reinstating coordination as well as balance by shifting blockages relieving tension and pain.

  • Bring balance back to your energy and vitality with the use of herbal tonics and proper nutrition without supplementation where possible.

Now imagine incorporating all this into a holiday getaway where I facilitate positive change, personal growth and instil healthy habits!


Holistic Health & Wellbeing through personal training, stretching, mindfulness, massage & nutrition.

Let me facilitate positive life change & transformation!