Body Awareness 

60 MINUTES $100

Own your body, learn how to control it!

I use a range of coaching techniques with an emphasis on the breath to find balance whilst learning about yourself.  Create fluid or powerful movements, unlock abilities you never thought you had and let go of doubt. 

Inspired by natural movement, calisthenics, yoga and body weight exercise I can coach you whether you're a beginner or you have years of experience. 

For anyone who has never exercised and looking to start a more active lifestyle, you've reached a plateau and looking to break through, you're now ready to find out what the next level holds or you have an underlying issue you need to understand to be able to remedy. 

You may just need to get out of your busy mind and back into your body.

I can facilitate progress and will coach you to become more body aware.



60 MINUTES $110 • 90 MINUTES $140

Delivering controlled finger, elbow, knee or body pressure to points and energy meridians to relieve pain, release tension, promote healing and rest. 'Move blockages and establish the free-flow of chi'

Performed on a mattress indoors.

In and outcalls available.



60 MINUTES $110 • 90 MINUTES $140

Relaxation, sports and remedial massage.
A western approach to relieving stress and releasing tension for improved circulation. Some benefits are improved focus and concentration, calmer yet more energised, tension and pain relief, reduced risk of injury, better range of movement and improved wellbeing overall.

Oil massage performed on a massage table.
In and outcalls available.


Nutrition & Herbs

60 minute Consult $100 •Extended wellness Program $180

The aim to wellness is to achieve and maintain balance. With a vast knowledge and experience I am able to help you learn and apply that knowledge to your lifestyle and habits. I have a keen interest in the Eastern practices of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda which I have been able to apply with a modern approach to health. I also work with herbs to improve focus, strength, vitality and clarity.

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