Mindful Stretch & Release

60 minutes • $100

Yoga inspired movement and poses with a more western approach to physiology to release tension and blockages. 

Choose between a more Yin class and a Yang dominant class.

Yin being similar to a yin yoga class but not as slow as to be able to encourage movement as well as a deepened stretch.

Yang is likened to a Vinyasa class with more flowing movement. Think of it as softer than exercise though more energetic than the stillness of a Yin class.


Mindfulness Coaching

30 minute • $60

60 minutes•$100

Become more aware of how you are feeling and what is going on around you then learning not to engage but rather to observe and accept it for what it is.  

Small changes make a big difference. Results can be noticed very quickly and are far greater if yoour mindfulness practises are daily. You will feel better and better.

Remember that life, is a work in progress so be kind to yourself!

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Online coaching available.